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The Future of Digital Marketing is Different than You Think

Updated: Jul 18

The COVID-19 epidemic has halted the global economic slowdown, but it has also been able to accelerate digital marketing activities. In fact, throughout the epidemic, many businesses have been able to switch to long-distance work and understand the importance of digital marketing.

Future of  digital marketing

For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, digital marketing has been an opportunity to find a competitive edge in the market. But in order to enter the new era of digital marketing, small businesses and entrepreneurs need to be transferred.

There is a huge push to support local businesses right now to ensure their survival but without being online the business is sure to perish in the current environment. Cleaning the business website and ensuring that the business has e-commerce skills is very important. An old, outdated website is toxic to business.

Social media is a great way to communicate with customers right now, in real-time. Hourly updates, current services offered, current sales, or required support can all be transferred to the contact page. Customers spend more time at home and more time online, but still want to know who is open, where to get the products they need, who need support, and what they can do to help.

Visible exhibition halls and a video consultation meeting will be a way for businesses to connect with customers. Furniture stores and car dealers for example may choose to create a custom display room for viewing; it still shows what they have and allows customers to buy from them. The video conference will replace the face-to-face meeting. Real estate and home improvement companies, for example, can use a video conference to show homes to potential buyers or to provide a customer rating for a specific service. The possibilities are endless.

The world is changing. COVID-19 will not be the cause of a permanent state of affairs but could create a change in digital marketing in the future in the visible interaction of face-to-face communication.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

The 2021 digital marketing prediction is likely to include new strategies for disaster recovery, social media and email marketing methods, the use of artificial intelligence, and better ways to deal with customer service.

Below is a list of the top 5 digital marketing trends for 2021:

1. Shoppable Posts:

This trend is already on the rise but by 2021 it will still see a lot of consumer post-consumer spending. Consumers are always looking for an easy, quick way to shop. This is why using different social media platforms allows users to simply click on a post and purchase the feature. This shows the latest information provided by Smart Insights that people now spend a total of 2 hours and 24 minutes scanning their phones on various digital platforms, giving products more time to reach consumers through affordable posts, meeting customers where they already are.

2. Voice Search:

The data showed that people are always looking for the easiest way to find information or news, so it makes sense that 2021 will be seeing an increase in voice search technology. Advertisers will need to add their content to word-of-word policies and phrases to increase their search as it is very common in today's families and their use is only expected to grow through continuous closure or segregation.

3. Video Marketing:

92% of marketers state that using video content is an active part of their campaign strategies. Video content helps persuade and attract consumers to a brand for potential conversions as people are much more likely to engage with a video as opposed to other forms of content such as a blog post or written content.

4. AI-Chat Bots:

Consumers still want a “human touch” while they shop online. This is why marketers are using artificial intelligence chat boxes to meet customers’ needs. These chat boxes speak to consumers in comprehensive sentences while answering any questions a customer may have while shopping, giving the illusion of human interaction and involving the customer more in the process.

5. Artificial Intelligence Growth:

Generally speaking, artificial intelligence growth will continue to rise in 2021. Marketers are discovering new technologies to better handle customer service along with using AI to obtain in-depth information quickly. Whether it is for gathering consumer data, tracking sales and user patterns, freeing up time for employees by removing repetitive tasks, or looking to implement improved email marketing trends; 2021 will be taking full advantage of artificial intelligence.


eCommerce brands will need to continue to search out different trends if they want to see successful results in 2021. Along with this, companies should study other brands in their industry along with performing testing of different potential marketing strategies. Businesses that are putting in the effort to transform their digital presence and strategies will create a strong footing for themselves against any future crises, as well as, better catering to consumers’ needs as the moment dictates.

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