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How do I start a career in digital marketing?

Do you want a career in a high-growth industry in which skilled professionals and dedicated individuals with a drive to learn are both in high demand?

With the consistently increasing popularity and usage of the Internet, businesses today have the extensive opportunity to reach out to the world 24/7, influence people through various digital mediums, and earn revenues at the convenience of a few clicks. The prevailing need and trend of digitalizing businesses have created an enormous demand for professionals acquainted with the art of digital marketing- people who have the knowledge and skills required to creatively utilize the power of the Internet for drawing the attention of prospective customers, engaging the audience and drawing sales and rewards.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing in India?

Here is a complete step-by-step guide to start a career in Digital Marketing:

Pursue a Digital Marketing Course or Certification:

Firstly, you need to begin with understanding what digital marketing is, its different components, tools, techniques, etc. through a course or training program. You can take up online Digital Marketing courses like Google Digital Marketing Courses or pursue a Diploma in Digital Marketing, BBA in Digital Marketing, or even an MBA or Masters in Digital Marketing.

Create a Strong Online Presence:

Once you have the requisite knowledge and technical skills, build a strong online presence and keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. The most essential networking channels for Digital Marketing professionals are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Start Looking for the Right Digital Marketing Jobs:

Explore the available openings in Digital Marketing across the major job search websites and apply for the ones that fit your skills and competencies. It is also important to create a good portfolio and resume to land your dream career in Digital Marketing thus make sure to draft, an impressive resume highlighting your achievements, educational qualifications, skills and the like.

Join Freelancing Platforms:

While browsing through the available jobs, you can also utilize your skills by taking up freelance projects. Digital Marketing is one of the in-demand fields booming with freelance opportunities to opt for part-time projects which can also, fortunately, turn into full-time associations! So, sign up at freelancing platforms and start broadening your network and clients that can help you build a strong resume and portfolio!

A successful digital marketing professional is one who is self-motivated to learn about the latest trends in the respective industry, enthusiastic about building a favorable brand image, and passionate about building meaningful relationships with the customers. A digital marketing professional possesses the knowledge and skills to exploit the power of the Internet for posting blogs, creating social media posts, conduct advertising campaigns, creating web pages, etc.

Free Courses to Learn Digital Marketing

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

Breaking away from the traditional forms of offline marketing, Digital Marketing has established an incremental role in the business world in present times. That’s why a career in digital marketing has emerged amongst the choicest ones because more and more students from diverse streams are choosing this specialization for its popularity in the world of the Internet. Here are the top reasons why you should choose a career in Digital Marketing:

  • Diverse Job Opportunities Digital Marketing offers lucrative high-salary packages whether you are working as a Digital Marketing Executive, Social Media Manager, or Content Marketing Manager. You can also explore both full-time and freelance opportunities in this field with high-paying packages that range from around 6 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs per annum and even higher with more experience.

  • An Ever-evolving Industry Digital Marketing as a field is always growing and evolving with new domains to discover as more and more social media platforms surface and even more content and marketing tools and technologies are innovated. You can further switch careers, for instance, if you have gained enough experience in content marketing and SEO, you can further move towards learning social media marketing and brand marketing, and more!

  • Immense Learning Scope As it is an ever-growing specialization, you can avail yourself the scope of learning and mastering its key aspects such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, eCommerce Marketing and what not. The digital marketing jobs are dynamic, versatile, and skill-oriented and the more you learn, the more you can climb up your career ladder!

  • Start on your Own Careers in Digital Marketing are also full of freelancing opportunities, which you can avail yourself to work at your timings and enjoy the flexible work environment. Once you have started mastering its different aspects, you can further begin on your own and avail yourself networking opportunities to take clients as a freelance Digital Marketer or start your own agency which doesn’t require much investment.

  • Stay in Touch with New Trends Digital Marketers are always aware of the new tech and content trends around the world and capture the right opportunities to invest their knowledge towards bringing better reach, audience, and revenues. Thus, pursuing a career in Digital Marketing, you will be always updated with the new trends and learn to find the right timings to avail yourself the best!

Free Resources to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing in 2021

Free Books on Digital Marketing:

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