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Nagpur Ecommerce Marketing Services - Marketing Mantra

Convert More Prospects into Customers and Drive More Sales

Marketing Mantra implements cross-channel digital marketing strategies to help our business partners achieve their marketing goals. Using proven optimization methods, helps you achieve a real return on investment (ROI).

Ecommerce SEO | Marketing Mantra

Ecommerce SEO

Having your online visibility to search engines. By increasing your visibility, eCommerce SEO makes it easier for consumers to find your website. So, instead of appearing on page two of search results, your website shows up on page one.

Keyword Research | Marketing Mantra

Keyword Research

Keywords most often pertain to your products or your store’s central theme. If you sell eco-friendly pet products, for instance, you may target keywords related to that theme or focus.

Marketplace Management | Marketing Mantra

Marketplace Management.

Start Managing your product pages, implement targeted eCommerce content marketing strategies, and Stay updated with the order's from the marketplace through our Marketing Services.

Content Creation | Marketing Mantra

Content Creation

We offer Quality Content Marketing Services that include content development, writing, editing, and promotion. Become the go-to source for information and leave your competition miles behind.

Product Page Optimization | Marketing Mantra

Product page optimization

Every page on your website needs optimization for search engines. Product pages are extremely important because they are most likely to rank for very specific search phrases, also known as "long-tail keywords."

Ecommerce Web Design | Marketing Mantra

Ecommerce Web Design

The design and functionality of your eCommerce website design could make or break conversions and affect your bottom line, helps you grow.

Shopping Ads | Marketing Mantra

Shopping Ads

Start Listing Products on Google Shopping which provides retailers another opportunity to get in front of the customer when they're searching for a specific product.

Voice Optimization | Marketing Mantra

Voice Optimization

Start optimizing your site for voice search which easily provides answers users need, increases traffic to their landing pages, and improves ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Work from Home

Basic Plan

Perfect for Individuals

✓ Keyword Research

✓ Content Optimization.

✓ Image Optimization.

✓ On-Page SEO

✓ Product search Listing

✓ Link Building

✓ Technical SEO

✓ Shopping Ads

✓ Ecommerce web design.

✓ Mobile/Desktop Responsive.

✓ Dropshipping.

✓ Marketplace Management.

✓ Sale Analytics.



Shopping for Clothes

Standard Plan

Perfect for Shopping Center's

✓ Keyword Research.

✓ Local SEO

✓ Image Optimization.

✓ Content Optimization.

✓ Multilingual Site Optimization.

✓ On-Page SEO

✓ Technical SEO

✓ Product FAQ's Optimization

✓ Product search Listing

✓ Ecommerce Web Design

✓ Link Building

✓ White Labeling

✓ Rich Results

✓ Sale's Reporting